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::: Have Austin City Council proclaim 2008 "The Year Of Austin Music" and recognize our organization's mission :::


   While our activities are based on "action over beaurocracy", a certain amount of documentation and civic record is required for us to be effective. For many important people, businesses, and organizations to see a legitimacy in our agenda, it must be backed with a quantifiable statement and support of an established civic entity. Because we are just starting this organization, we also need all the help and backing we can garner to achieve the unity that our agenda requires.

   A statement that our Mayor and City Council recognizes our agenda, in theory, founded our organization and made it known that we have the support of our city government to better our music community and economy. This proclamation also creates the first action which will bond us as a "community action organization" together and with our City government and make our intentions known by all.


   Our simple grassroots campaign called on all interested participants to lobby our Mayor and City Council to proclaim 2008 "The Year Of Austin Music". Using email and word of mouth, we created a person-to-person movement to visit TheYearOfAustinMusic.org website and email the supportive language we have provided to the Mayor and City Council. We encouraged this movement until we recieved the proclamation, which took place on January 30, 2008.

   What Can You Do?

   You did it! We emailed the Mayor and City Council and they agreed with us. Our message as fans and supporters of Austin music is vital to our City government's understanding the wide support of our mission. It has given us a constituancy and support as an organization which represents a citizen base of Austinites.

   What does the proclamation say?

   Here is the original proposed language for the Proclamation:

Whereas, music in our city of Austin, Texas has contributed greatly to our way of life and its quality; and

Whereas, Austin music dates back to its founding, with one of its earliest business establishments being a concert hall; and

Whereas, this abundance has been shared in many ways by all who have called Austin home for a few days, or for their entire lives; and

Whereas, Austin’s music has provided entertainment to our City’s residents and listeners around the globe since the 1940s; and

Whereas, the social and artistic climate created by our music community has furthered the brotherhood and unity of our City; and

Whereas, the music created by residents of our City has generated an economic contribution of great measure to not only musicians and related businesses but to many other businesses large and small in the Greater Austin Area; and

Whereas, Austin, Texas has a universal reputation as “the Live Music Capital of the World” and draws visitors from around the globe to our City (as music tourists and new residents); and

Whereas, recognition of this contribution marks the beginning of a new phase in our City; an era where our music is as valued as the Trails of Lady Bird Lake, is supported by its fans as is Lance Armstrong, and is protected as a resource as is our beloved Barton Springs; and

Whereas, it is vitally important to ensure economic stability for Austin musicians, that they may continue to entertain us, better our quality of life, and contribute to our City’s economy; and

Whereas, Troy Dillinger and TheYearOfAustinMusic.org have the stated mission of mobilizing and unifying Austin’s musicians, businesses, and fans to increase the social, artistic, and economic impact of this vital resource for our City and beyond;

Whereas, Mirabeau B. Lamar founded the City of Austin with an artistic vision that supported music; and

Therefore, the City of Austin proclaims 2008 “The Year Of Austin Music” and encourages all Austinites to embrace this great asset and see one Austin band each month of this year, and to contribute in whatever way possible to the survival and health of this priceless jewel in the crown of Austin, Texas.

Save Austin Music

SAM Founder Troy Dillinger accepts the proclamation from Mayor Will Wynn
photo by John Anderson/Austin Chronicle


The Year Of Austin Music Proclamation


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